Sunday, September 26, 2010

The 2nd Annivesary ♥

Yum-cha @ Chatswood in the noon

Parking in the city

Taro Dessert yum*

Ban Leng Leng at night and ready to go PIER and Hubby will always get me some flowers <3

This is a 3 hats restaurant and I'm not sure it is the Australia best or Sydney best seafood restaurant, I love the environment so much! *thumbs up*

Exchanged our presents on 19.09.2010 12.00am
The funny thing is we bought the presents at the same time
I wanted to buy Gucci for Hubby but he was in the Gucci shop when i was about to enter!
SO!! Gucci became mine and Burberry is his LOL
And i'm not gonna to tell what's inside

I love you Baby
and I won't forget the day coz it was one of the happiest day
I hope we can stay happy till the end, I love to be happy =p
happy 2 year old


Saturday, September 18, 2010

730 days

Tomorrow 19/09/2010 will be our big big day

Time flies and 730 days pass

Gonna celebrate this at a three hats restaurant, Pier tomorrow night!

Happy 2nd Annivesary to You and Myself ♥♥♥

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lazy Girl

Hey peeps, this post is supposed to be done on last week but due to I was busy moving house recently, and update is being delayed again and again. *Look at the date, it is the last week date, i dunno y i tot it should the date which i posted this, 19 Aug? Maybe i saved it as draft b4*

Update update update!! I'm a lazy girl larr i'm really lazy to update blog!!! Was randomly chit-chatting with a classmate in MSN and he suddenly called out "lazy girl"!! I was like "How u know I'm lazy?"!!! OMFG! Well let's get some updates! I remember the last time i updated my blog was like during winter break and yet I'm back now during my mid-term break of 2nd semester! But it tells you that I'm having a break!! Yay a great one!!

Talk back to Mr Ren after the TVB championship, FYI he is the champion of 2010's and he is entitled to some of the big performances of TVB's. I'm so glad and so proud of him and he had attended two big performances which is TVB charity night 慈善晚会 and TVB Sydney Miss Chinese Pageant 悉尼华裔小姐竞选。And also, HK artist 马浚伟was the special guest for the Miss Chinese Pageant final and he said that Mr Ren can really sing well!! Hahaha I'm so proud of my dear YOU DID IT!!

TVB Charity night - The Top 3 & MC Janis ( I was sitting next to Janis n she's gorgeous!)

TVB Sydney Chinese Pageant 2010, Mah Zhun Wai said good!

This is 马浚伟!

And actually that was another great performance for Mr Ren to attend, which is 杜华谨 Jenny Du's mini concert and FYI Jenny Du is the 1st runner-up in the latest season of 超级星光大道, she is from Sydney too! But too bad TVB refused to giving this permission to Mr Ren and he missed the great deal! How sad was it! ='(((((( And so Jenny Du's special guest had been replaced by two of my friends, Harry and Sylvia. Haih just forget it larr!

Btw still support support Mr Ren's 超级巨声world competition in HK which is coming in next few months!! All the best! =)))))

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Day

Tonight is a cold cold freezing night!!! *huuuuuuuuuuuuu*

Went to Uni to pay my fees this morning and I have done the enrollment for the new coming semester. It was so so freezing in the morning and my whole body just can't stop shaking!! Today is really really cold man!!! After lunch, we went to a Chinese temple (Sze Yup Temple) to pray for luck and happiness since everything seem like not going smoothly recently. Chinese temple in Sydney is it unbelievable huh?? LOL!

Back to city afterward, Mr Ren had a hair cut while i had an eyebrow trimming at the same time. I wanted a thinner eyebrow shape but the beautician told me that my face is not suitable for a thin eyebrow and she insisted to shape it naturally! I was wondering that, is it Korean are more into the natural style as in i found out her eyebrow is as natural as what she has shaped for me! LOL! But still not bad thou! =))))

And this time we grab back the same Marcs Coat again! I was superb nervous before i stepped into Marcs because i worried that it could be sold out! We thought we bought the last piece the other day but it was actually hanging on the rack again!! Yayy luck is coming back!!

After a walk in city, I followed Mr Ren to TVB office again, to see them practicing, and of course dinner after that. And a bad news is Mr Ren fall sick since last few days and final is just in a couple of days!! Oh god, can U please bless him to recover very soon?? Btw he is getting better and better now! Hope he will be alright, right before the final, please!!

Nitez peeps ♥

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Give us Luck

To Miss Hoe, by the time I read ur comment I have already done with this new color haha! But I'll still research for some saloons and maybe I'm going for a hair cut together with u! Yes people, I'm having a new hair color with a new bangs but actually I wanted a lighter color but this is considered not bad thou and I'm liking it for the moment being! To look at my hair more clearly here it goes! Difference, no difference?

Yesterday was a real bad day for us!! Mr Ren bought a Marcs coat which he has considered for long and we actually grabbed it at last. Unfortunately when we were buying something from a food court, Mr Ren left the paper bag there and we realised it after 20mins!! When we went back to the food court, the people there told us that they saw a mad man carried our bag away!! We were trying to look for the man and searched through the whole building but end up we can't get him!! WTF!! I was really pissed off and wanted to scold bad words so much!! Fuck!! We lost the $$, we lost the nice coat!!! ='(((((((((((((((((((((((((

Aiks!!!! Till now I'm still feeling superb irritated while I'm typing here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try to forget it try to forget it try to forget it try to forget it arrrggghhhhh!!!

Also, we bumped into Peggy in the street when we were heading to Ajisen Ramen. She is promoting about the Muse thingie! Hehe add oil lady and hope your event goes smoothly!! We took 4 meals continuously within few hours, The Stupid food court random snacks-Ajisen-Starbucks-Pancakes On The House and they really filled my appetite since I'm always craving for more food and more food! Hahaha!

Brazil Go Portugal Go, draw at 0-0 larr! Bubye!!